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Some of the key shows played by the Strawberry Alarm Clock in the late 1960s:

July 1, 1967: With the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Country Joe and the Fish, and Captain Speed. Earl Warren Fairgrounds, Santa Barbara, Calif.

July 22, 1967: With the Yardbirds, Moby Grape, West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band and the Stone Ponys (Linda Ronstadt). Santa Monica Civic Auditorium.

Sept. 8, 1967: With the Who, Herman’s Hermits and the Sundowners. Anaheim Convention Center.

Sept. 29, 1967: With Spirit and Linda Ronstadt (Love canceled). Santa Monica Civic Auditorium.

Oct. 15, 1967: With Jefferson Airplane, Spirit, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Hour Glass, Sunshine Company, Hamilton Streetcar, New Breed. Sacramento Pop Festival at Hughes Stadium.

Nov. 17-26, 1968: With the Beach Boys, Buffalo Springfield and (some shows) the Soul Survivors. Beach Boys’ Fifth Thanksgiving Tour, various venues primarily in Northeast.

April 6-24, 1968: With the Beach Boys, Buffalo Springfield and Bobby Goldsboro (some shows). Various venues, primarily in the South and Texas.

April 1968: With the Animals, the Rascals, Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels, and John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers. Honolulu International Center.

July 22, 1968: With the Seeds. Melodyland Theater, Anaheim.

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  1. Dizzy Lizzie says:

    Tell me more about this band the Seeds.I’ve come across the name from time to time either in reading about sixties music or in the a-z cards in my favorite record shops.I read somewhere that they had the unfortunate distinction of having one of the worst selling albums of I think 1967.However,I’m sure there must be some good listening there because of the endorsements I’ve heard from SAC,including the inclusion of “Mr. Farmer” on their new cd.

  2. Christine Kinney Work says:

    I first saw SAC at the Hullaballoo Club in Hollywood on 9/23/67. They were playing with a few other bands called Shadow Legend, Power and Thorinshield. I became friends with Ed that night and saw them many times after that. Thanks to my trusty teenage journal, I have accounts of the various gigs from back then and fun times hanging out with the band. SAC was a cherished part of my teen years, and I played their albums until they wore out!!

    • george bunnell says:

      Hi Christine….
      Please feel free to add concert dates you have logged in your journal.
      was the 9/23/67 show with Love?

      Ed King also kept a journal….we should put it up on this site….it’s over 200 pages as I recall.

      Thanks for the post!

      • Christine says:

        Hi George,

        No, Love isn’t mentioned in my journal for 9/23/67. However they are mentioned as not showing up for a Santa Monica Civic performance on 9/29. According to my journal, SAC played at the Cheetah that night and also on 9/30, so I went there instead (I snuck in because I was underage). Other dates mentioned in ’67 are:

        10/6/67 – UCLA, playing with Merry Go Round
        10/7/67 – Pasadena Civic
        10/8/67 – Newport Beach
        10/14/67 – Palm Springs
        10/22/67 – Taped American Bandstand (I was there)
        10/27/67 – Captain Merriwether’s Pickle Farm (!) with Daily Flash and Lyme & Cybele
        10/31/67 – Pasadena Civic with Spirit and Clear Light

        • george bunnell says:

          The reason I asked is because when SAC played at the Hullaballoo with Love our opening act was Public Bubble (previously Waterfyrd Traene, later to become Buffungton Rhodes) and Arthur Lee brought up PB’s flute player to jam with them on stage. That flute player was Steve Bartek!

          • Christine says:

            Isn’t that something! No, I don’t believe I had the pleasure of seeing that show.

          • Bruno Ceriotti says:

            The Hullabaloo gig with Love and Public Pubble was on February 14, 1967. I can confirm that, although their name was on the poster, Love cancelled at last minute their appearance at the SMCA on September 29, 1967. I am the author of Love’s authorized biography

          • Bruno Ceriotti says:

            oops, I forgot, Love and SAC played together on the same bill at least another two times. One in 1967 somewhere in Merced, Calif., and one on August 23, 1969 at the Vancouver Pop Festival — with also on the bill Alice Cooper, Chicago and many others.

        • Pasadena Civic with Spirit and Clear Light… I was at that show my folks lived in la Canada ..so it was a quick drive for them to drop me off…I also saw you in Sherman oaks last summer ..still sounding great ..altho Id forgotten my lp for you guys to sign …a great show .

  3. dizzie lizzie says:

    Thoroughly impressed with Christine’s concert attendence archiving. Many feel that much of the late sixities were such an overwhelming whirlwind of events and happenings, they may find it difficult to even pinpoint the YEAR of a particular occurence. Sounds like those of you who were there and truly part of the musical revolution have some really awe inspirings memories to cherish and share.

    • Christine says:

      Hi Lizzie:

      Honestly, the only reason I have those dates down is because I kept a journal, otherwise I wouldn’t have remembered them. I am beyond pleased that I did, though, especially since my memories can be shared and enjoyed by others all these years.


  4. My first memory of Strawberry Alarm Clock…..

    Incense & pepermints was what i bought for my 1st girlfriend, on a first real date in ’69. Ten years old at the time. I remember wearing a white turtleneck, and wearing a peace sign. She was beautiful & wearing flowers in her hair. Borrowed a minibike from an older kid to ride her to the movies to see yellow submarine. I will never forget that first date. Incense & pepermints was one of her favorite tunes from that time.

  5. dizzie lizzie says:

    Was that September 29,1967 LOVE cancellation of a spot on your bill when Arthur Lee called in a bomb threat just to have the night off?What was your first impression of the young Linda Rondstadt?

  6. Christine says:

    I don’t know why they cancelled. I thought young Linda R. was great, and loved her singing — still do. She was very cute, had her hair in pigtails, wore a crop top and cut-off jeans and performed barefoot, as I recall.

  7. Saw the 11/21/67 show in White Plains, NY. Really great. Beach Boys, Alarm Clock and Buffalo Springfield

  8. Bruce McLeod says:

    Anyone have any more of the ‘obscure’ dates the Strawberry Alarm Clock played? I know they played at my high school (Palos Verdes High School), probably late ’67 or early ’68 (definitely after the Who show in Anaheim which I also saw). Interesting to read the thread above, The Seeds, Love, and The Byrds also played at PVHS between 65 and 69 – pretty good place to be then. Buffalo Springfield played at nearby Rolling Hills High.

    • I do remember playing PVHS!

      It was pretty cool…can’t seem to find the date…probably in their archives….thanks for posting Bruce!

    • Dusty Rose says:

      I remember an outdoor concert in San Jose I believe with The Doors and Country Joe & The Fish as well as others…Any one else remember that show?

  9. mark earle says:

    Was there ever any place you were surprised to see SAC’s brand of psychedelia caught on?It’s hard to see it striking big in places like the deep South along the Bible belt or in Texas.

    • george bunnell says:

      Back in the day ….67-68 SAC was on tour with The Beach Boys and Buffalo Springfield in the South….it was a BIG TIME tour….the only problem came when Martin Luther King was assassinated…we were forced to stay in the Hotel and some shows were cancelled.

      Otherwise we did very well in the South.

      Motown was odd as we were paired with Otis Redding.

      In Boston we once played on a bill with The Paul Butterfield Blues Band and Wilson Pickett….and got some boo’s….I flipped the bird to the audience and got hell from our manager for doing it…oh well, I was a teenager!

      Skynyrd opening for SAC came a couple of years later.

      • No surprise at all regarding your experience in Boston. I grew up there and was always a bit embarrassed by the vague, unfocused hostility that was often displayed by the audience towards bands. Part of the problem is that it’s a walking town, where people just walk into shows regardless of whether they know or care about the band.

  10. Les Phagan says:

    They played at my high school in 68. Lynard Skynard opened for them. Ft. Myers, FL.

  11. Thennek Namni says:

    Saw the in late summer 68 at v
    Vickers in anderson Ind, when I was home on leave, for a converted parking garage turne into a teenaqge night club the sound was Awsome, the Group and crowd finely tuned and it was a memory that bring back easier times.

  12. catherine beckman says:

    I was at the sept 8, 1967 concert at the Anaheim Convention Center with my mother! I was 14, that’s why I was there with my mother. I remember the SAC coming in on rugged platforms. I must confess, I was there to see Herman’s Hermits, don’t remember the Sundowners, but have a piece of broken guitar from The Who.

    I have not been able to remember which band opened for which other band, so I have assumed it was billed for the Hermits. I don’t recall The Who being the main event. Didn’t keep the playbill. I also remember seeing Davy Jones of the Monkees when my mom and I went around to the back of the stage. Didn’t get in, but was about 20 feet from Davy. Ah, memories.

  13. Bruce McLeod says:

    Catherine – The order of appearance was: The Sundowners, The Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Who, and Herman’s Hermits. You are correct, The Who were not the headliners – however to some of us they closed the show (next to The Beatles they were my favorite band of the time). Besides performing a great set of their early material, they were still in their ‘destructive’ phase during the act closing “My Generation”. Not only did Pete Townshend sacrifice his guitar with incredible power, artistry, and athletic maneuvers; but John Entwistle joined in with a rare showing of emotion. The Ox smashed his heavy Fender bass into the stage several times destroying not only it, but his section of the platform they were playing on. The roadies had to rebuild the stage before Herman’s Hermits could go on. Even though we liked some of the early Hermit’s songs my friends and I had seen and heard what we came for and left the show after the first song – this isn’t meant to offend a fan but just my very fond memory of a great show early in my concert going days.

    • george bunnell says:

      The Who also destroyed “OUR” VOX Super Beatle amps….we were quite proud of that!

      The Monkees were sitting in the front row!

      Catherine, those were a bunch of our high school best friends that carried us down the aisles from all sides of the convention center on what was meant to look like Persian rugs….we were throwing out incense and peppermints to the audience….very cheeky!

      A very cool side note;
      We were in the dressing room with the WHO and tuning our guitars…my best friend, Randy Zacuto from my previous and post SAC band, Waterfyrd Traene/Buffington Rhodes got to jam a bit with Townsend!

      • Bruce McLeod says:

        George –

        How great to have your equipment be part of the Who’s carnage! Though I’m sure some mixed emotions as I can also imagine a feeling of loss over a great amp like a Super-Beatle (and having to buy a new one). And getting to hang in the dressing room with them and jam with Pete had to be pretty exciting. I’m sure you got to meet other great musicians but The Who’s first US tour would certainly be a highlight. Oh, I mentioned my comments above to a good friend who was at the show. He seemed to remember Pete and John smashing their guitars together as in battle – I didn’t, but do you remember that?

        Now that you mention your entrance I vaguely remember it – good theatre. I also remember your black lights and the band’s fluorescent highlights – including a ribbon hanging from one of the guitar or bass heads. Good show!

        At the PV High show I mentioned above, I setup and ran the (few) lights in the gym – I remember watching much of that show sitting on the basketball backboard.

        Take care – Bruce

  14. Bruce McLeod says:

    Oh, and very envious of your guitar memento, great piece of music history!

  15. Michael Graviano says:

    My brother Tommy and I attended a concert in the Houston Coliseum in the late 60’s and saw Steppenwolf and Strawberrry Alarm Clock. This was the first of many concerts we attended in the 70’s.

  16. Jerry Creasy says:

    I was fortunate enough to get to see Strawberry Alarm Clock in concert at Hendersonville high school, Tenn. in 1968 along with my brother and two buddies. Johnny Cash lived in Hendersonville and was in the front row. Great show! I’ve seen a lot of big groups over the years but SAC was the most enjoyable and memorable! Cheers.

  17. Michael Graviano says:

    My brother, Tommy, and I saw SAC with Steppenwolf at the Sam Houston Coliseum in Houston, Texas around 1968. It was our first rock concert and the place wasn’t half full. I was 17 and my brother was 15. The Coliseum wasn’t made for music. It was a rodeo arena with no acoustics. This was the first of many concerts we attended in the ’70’s. The Houston Music Hall, which was next door, was made for music, but it didn’t hold as many people as the Coliseum.

  18. Saw SAC perform during the late 60’s live on the beach in Playa del Rey, California. Some TV station was taping a show right on the sand at Gillis Beach. It was our local beach and they just showed up. No one knew they were coming.

  19. SAC was at the McBride Field Campus in Iowa City in the late 60’s anyone have any information???

  20. Les Kangas says:

    Can anyone jog my memory? My first concert was at the Melodyland theater and SAC was top billing and I thought the Dead was opening? 1967 I believe

  21. Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Ponies did not play at the July 22, 1967 Yardbirds Santa Monica Civic show.
    I was there with 4 of my friends and shot photos.

  22. Pablo Solis says:

    I saw SAC with Thee Midnighters while I was a student at UCLA (1968 or 1969). The stage was
    set up on the top level of a parking structure. Was anyone else in attendance?

  23. Virginia says:

    I saw the SAC in the late 60’s – can’t remember the date – at Blue Mountain College in Blue Mountain, MS. My sisters and I were almost the entire audience. (Blue Mountain was a Baptist college and have never understood why they had the concert and no one attended.) I think there was a band that played before them, but they were the headliners We went backstage and met them during a break and took home pictures, autographs, and broken drumsticks – from the drummer’s solo drumming on everything on the stage. Had to go home early because it was a school night.

  24. Gloria S Holloway says:

    i saw sac in, i assume, 1968 in jax fl – along with the beach boys & buffalo springfield. i attended the show w/neil young’s mother & brother (whom i had met in daytona beach). we went to the hotel where the bands were staying & along with the bands (sans the beach boys who were in a limo) rode on a school bus to the theater where the concert took place. we had a police escort. it was all very exciting for lil ole me. i was introduced to various members of the bands, including neil, of course. we had a front row seat. after the concert was over a young woman asked for my autograph. i was flattered but remember laughing & telling her that i was a nobody & respectfully declining to do so. ah – the good ole days.

  25. Joyce Harrington says:

    Hi Bruno – LOVE was my favorite band in high school years. They actually played at Palos Verdes High School – I think it was 1966. I again saw them at Hullabaloo in Hollywood on a Valentines Day with the Seeds. Been trying to find the rest of that lineup. It was an all nighter. I drove 6 of my friends to the show. Crowds got so excited when it opened one of the front glass doors broke. Was that 1967? of 66….. love to hear from you and also where can I get your book?
    Thanks! Joyce

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