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signed strawberry alarm clock album cover

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Strawberry Alarm Clock fan Jerry Bozajian writes about his quest to have his copy of the first SAC album cover signed by all band members from that time:

About 10 years ago, I wanted to buy a fish tank for the house. My friend told me that his uncle, Mark Weitz, had a fish and aquarium store close by.

I had heard stories over the years about Mark, how he was in the band Strawberry Alarm Clock, and how he played those awesome keyboard riffs in the song “Incense And Peppermints.”

So before I went to buy the tank, I found a copy of the Strawberry Alarm Clock’s first LP — I figured it would be cool to have him sign it. The cover is a classic, and the signed album looked great on my wall.

Several years later, in 2007, I heard that most of the band was getting back together for a show. I did a little research, and I discovered that in addition to the six guys on the cover of the LP, there were actually three more guys that played on the album.

I wasn’t exactly sure yet who did this or that, and I didn’t know who would be appearing at the show either. But I figured what the hell, so I grabbed my album off the wall and went to see the band in Malibu that June.

That night I managed to get five more signatures on the album. George Bunnell, Randy Seol, and Lee Freeman are pictured on the cover. Gene Gunnels and Steve Bartek are not on the cover, but they’re playing on the album.

So at that point, I had six out of nine. Mark pointed me in the right direction for the next two signatures. Greg Munford, who isn’t on the cover but sang lead vocals on “Incense,” was on the East Coast. Ed King was in Tennessee.

One left, with no real leads to go by. After a bit of searching, Gary Lovetro was the final piece, and I was lucky to find him too.

Three different times I packaged up the album and mailed it out, and three times it came back to me with a beautiful signature added on.

Everybody was glad to sign the LP, and I am thankful for that.

So 10 years later, the quest is over.

Jerry Bozajian


  1. Christine says:

    Wow, what an amazing story. So glad your tenacity paid off, Jerry — I only wish I had my original copy of I & P. I played it so many times, I am sure the grooves were worn to shreds.

  2. KuelBeans says:

    I bet that was a trip. Say, do you know of somewhere on the net where the members on the cover are identified individually? If not could you list them left to right off the cover? Thanks man.

  3. Robert Seemueller says:

    I&P cover left to right Ed King Randy Seol Lee Freeman (glasses & brown Kurta) George bunnell (standing in back) Mark Weitz (seated on wicker chair) & Gary Lovertro (with fan!)

  4. David Tolsky says:

    I will see SAC this Sunday morning at the Love Ride. I hope Steve Bartek plays with the band.

  5. ken holmstrand says:

    been a fan since 68, still have my vinyl of the 1st lp, and world in a seashell, how can i get a signed photo/flyer, thanks much,ken

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