Howie Anderson

Howie: Still the band’s ‘new kid’ after 25 years

“In a field known for its egocentric prima donnas, Howie Anderson is one of those rare virtuosos who comes off more like Clark Kent than the stereotypical self-absorbed guitar hero.”David Brighton

Howie Anderson still is known to the other members of the Strawberry Alarm Clock as “the new kid.” He joined the psychedelic band in 1986.

Howie has written, recorded and/or performed with an impressive variety of artists. The “short list” includes icons such as Arthur Lee (Love), Robbie Krieger (the Doors), Stephen Bishop, Ivan Neville and Spencer Davis.

As a performer, Howie worked on the same bill with Eric Burdon (the Animals), Ben Vereen (“All That Jazz”), Buddy Miles, (drummer with Jimi Hendrix), Jesse Colin Young, (the Youngbloods), Peter Asher & Gordon Waller (Peter & Gordon), Moby Grape, Eric Johnson (Grammy Award-winning guitarist), the Electric Prunes and the Seeds.

The guitarist is well versed in rock, jazz, classical, blues and many ethnic styles of music. He is known as a composer, performer, music director and teacher.

Howie majored in music in college and studied with musicians such as Joe Diorio, Howard Roberts, Ted Greene and Ron Anthony.

Howie’s experience as a stage performer, teacher, and his world-class musicianship carries over into the business end of the music industry.


  1. chuck (cspotts) says:

    It’s been a long time friend!

  2. Did Howie teach a history of rock class at Citrus College in Glendora CA at one point???

    • Laura,
      Must have been a different Howie Anderson in Glendora.
      But I do teach rock band classes at a private school in Chatsworth.
      Thanks for asking 🙂

  3. Dathan Walters says:

    Just saw your show in Silver Lake. You are a great guitarist. Really enjoyed it. I think you guys should do a live album. You all sounded fantastic. Hope to see you guys live again soon.

  4. Howie Anderson says:

    Thanx for the kind words and for coming to the show!
    Without people like yourself attending, we can’t have that great show.

  5. Dathan Walters says:

    How do you get feedback and long sustain at a low volume?

    You sounded like Ed King guitar tone with jimi hendrix feedbacking tones

    Is it a sustain pedal or feedbacker pedal you use?

    • Howie Anderson says:

      I used a Fuzzbox, mine is a copy of the classic pedal called the “Tonebender”by Sola.
      This type of pedal creates a very rich and full sound and is great for feedback!!
      Its a less buzzy fuzz, although you can get that sound as well,
      by turning the tone knob to the left creating more treble or high end.
      Hope this helps.

  6. Dathan Walters says:

    Thanks for the info.

    Is it the Fulltone soul bender that you use? Cause each Clone has different transistors with different gains so that can be a big difference to making it feedback early

    The sola colorsound tone bender sounds just like Ed king in strawberry alarm clock, I’m guessing that is the pedal he used on the strawberry alarm clock albums

    It’s amazing how the colorsound tone bender pedal makes the guitar feedback at low volumes. It is a different kind of fuzz box than most it seems, cause most fuzz boxes don’t feedback unless you turn the amp to 10 and stand next to the amp.

  7. Howie Anderson says:

    I have couple oh FT Soul Benders but what you heard me use was the Arramat Soul Patch (no longer made) I believe Ed used either the Gibson fuzz or the Maestro? Very primitive, which ever one it was, it was one of the first fuzz’s ever made.
    I used to have an original silver FT Soul Bender (stolen) it made my strat sound like a Les Paul through a hi gain amp just an amazing smooth rich fuzz.
    BTW, I’m sure you know there were quite a few version of the tone bender as well which all sound different.
    But heres a trick you may already know and its what hendrix did
    you crank up the pedal gain and use your volume pot to dial in how much fuzz you want, all the way up is feed back territory
    Also on the recording of the new CD, I used a 97 FuzzFactory, also a cool fuzz.

  8. SUSTAIN — Hi, Ive been trying to find out what effect pedal was used on “Tommorrow” to get that great, LOOOONG guitar sustain. Your help is greatly appreciated, rick

    • Howard Anderson says:

      I know Ed used the Maestro fuzz on Incense but I’m not sure what he used on tomorrow,
      I can ask Ed and get back to you.

  9. HI Howie!
    As a one time aspiring(and dreadful) musician and writer,I should stand in absolute awe of ANYONE who had the chance to perform alongside the great Arthur Lee.Was he sort of the “temperamental” artist or fairly easy to work with?By the way,I’m thoroughly impressed with the resume you’ve presented here…

    • Howard Anderson says:

      Hey Earle
      We never rehearsed with Arthur we just learned “7 and 7 is” and he came up and sang it with us.
      He also just walked up and sang a verse of “Little Wing” and then he walked off. I never really talked or hung out with him, so he is a mystery to me but we all know how talented and gifted he was!

  10. jay morelli says:

    Hey old friend, I want to come see you play. The last time I heard you was at a private party with Fred C. singing lead vocals in 1976. Outstanding performance. Tell me where you will be. Jay

    • Howard Anderson says:

      Hey Jay
      How are you man?
      Were playing October 19th Sunday ay 3:00 at the Sherman Oaks Street Fair.
      Hope to see you!

  11. Mark Lucitt says:

    Howard: You still owe me a guitar. My son is playing now (lefty) in a band called Pleading Guilty in the Denver area. They have a CD, Defacto, and another CD on the way. Listening to them brings back memories of the Concha brothers and you playing in Sylmar. Send me an email and let me know when to expect my guitar …

  12. Bard Monson says:

    Thank you for teaching me the songs you did back in the 90’s. I still play them and I had a good time. Hope you’re doing well.

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