Rocking the Whisky with SAC: photo gallery

strawberry alarm clock 2012The Strawberry Alarm Clock played its second gig since the release of the new CD, this time at the Whisky a Go Go.

Surprisingly, the July 19 concert was the first time the veteran L.A. band played the rock club.

As with the April Silver Lake concert, the show kicked off with a long driving “Mr. Farmer.” The band played fan favorites such as “Strawberries Mean Love,” “Rainy Day Pillow” and of course “I&P.”

The encore was a unique instrumental take on the Beatles’ “Day Tripper” (in 6/8 time), cooked up by singer-bassist George Bunnell.

The new songs from “Wake Up Where You Are” are well integrated into the show at this point. Highlights included “World Citizen” (Randy Seol) “Drifting Away” (Mark Weitz) and the CD title song, “Wake Up” (Howie Anderson). (Get a copy of the new Strawberry Alarm Clock CD.)

Harmonica ace Robert Cowan sat in with the band, as well as Kevin Dippold on flute.

Top left photo: The band during rehearsals for the Sunset Strip show.

Below is the photographic evidence of SAC at the Whisky! (Most photos by Janet Anderson).

Strawberry Alarm Clock in concert

The Strawberry Alarm Clock at the Whisky a Go Go on the Sunset Strip. July 19, 2012.

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[img src=]1710
The band, backstage with guest harmonica player Robert Cowan (third from right) and audio engineer Kevin Dippold. (Photo by Janet Anderson)
[img src=]1170Howie Anderson backstage at the Whisky.
[img src=]1090
[img src=]1250
[img src=]1310
(Photo by Janet Anderson)
[img src=]740
(Photo by David Guilburt)
[img src=]910
(Photo by Janet Anderson)
[img src=]860
(Photo by Janet Anderson)
[img src=]930
(Photo by Janet Anderson)
[img src=]860
(Photo by Janet Anderson)
[img src=]690
(Photo by Janet Anderson)
[img src=]690
(Photo by Janet Anderson)
[img src=]780
(Photo by Janet Anderson)
[img src=]670
[img src=]1000
(Photo by Janet Anderson)
[img src=]560


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  1. I was searching to see what you guys were up to now. A friend posted I&P on Facebook from waaaay back in the day, 1967! It is wonderful to see you are still doing what you do and that you all are alright!

  2. John Petrich says:

    Great show at The Whisky. I was in the chair at side of stage. What was the name of the Sky Saxon song you played for the encore?

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