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  1. Dizzy Lizzie says:

    Love the “Mushroom Pillow” clip from “Psych-Out”.Was there ever a promo film conceived ousisde of the movie?Also,have you maintained any close ties with Roger Ebert after working with him on “Valley of the Dolls”?

  2. WOW! what memories, this song reminds me of the SUMMER of LOVE in Hollywood. I was born and raised in So CAl and this song was everywhere … teenage fair perhaps? The Whisky a go go? I love the sound of this band.

  3. I absolutely envy you,teresa.I’ve always been a tremendous fan of sixties sunshine pop/psychedlia but always from an historical point of view as I was only just born at the end of the sixties.Yeah,the Strip back in the day.Man,I wish I was there!

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