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strawberry alarm clock reunion in April 2007


  1. Jim from Dallas, Texas says:

    I just wanted to tell you guys I saw you in concert when I was 12. It was in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am not sure, but I think The Defonics were there with you too. My god, that was 42 or 43 years ago. I really liked your music back than. You were kind of instrumental in my path of music and musical ambitions. I started playing the drums after that concert…….it was my very first concert. My mom was with the radio station WDGY in Minneapolis. She got free tickets!!! I was just sitting here on the internet and decided to look you guys up and wow your still making music. You and Status Quo were my favorites back than.

    I wish you luck in the future and I hope to take in a concert if you ever get to Denver or Dallas, please let me know

    Kindest regards,


  2. Geno Bartley says:

    I grew up in Glendale, CA. in the late 60’s. I remember you guys driving by Hoover HIGH with the Orange Panel Truck with your name all over the side …. I also remember you guys playing at Allen F Daily I think for a Christmas Party or something like that. I went to that school as well. Kewl to see your still out there. If you should remember I played guitar with a local band called “Insight Out” and later “Midnight Session”

  3. ROB CREAMER says:

    When the new cd comes out this month how can i get a copy? directly from you and your store on line through your website? will it be available through other mail order websites like cd universe or cd baby? thanks! peace

  4. I saw S.A in 1968 at a ‘teen fair’ in KCMO. What a great show. Thanks so much. And I hope the ED is doing well. Peace

  5. Steve Krupey says:

    The first time I saw SAC was at “Psychedelic Sunday” in Barrie, Ontario in 1988. It was the highlight of the festival for me being a huge SAC fan. I was thrilled to meet George and Lee and ‘some guy from Oingo Boingo” They played a newer song called ‘Decadence’ I wasn’t born when the original SAC was out but spent my teenage years amassing rare albums (at the time) ‘ Wake up it’s Tomorrow’, ‘The World in a Seashell’ and ‘Good Morning Starshine’ while everyone else was buying the latest AC/DC album.

  6. Curtis Cline says:

    Love you guys. Am here in the UK – otherwise I would have been front row at the Whisky 🙂 But great to see the band still going strong! Our band Easy Tigerz mixes psychedelia and rockabilly – influenced by 50s stuff plus you guys and Grateful Dead, Love, Seeds, Electric Prunes, etc. Where can I get a Strawberry Alarmclock T-shirt? P.S. Beyond the Valley of the Dolls is one of my favourite movies – just love that soundtrack.

  7. john campbell says:

    have an autographed album from early days and looking for a value, anyone might know?

  8. Teresa Lorann Phillips says:

    I have a Crush on all of you!

  9. Greg Quiring says:

    IMHO more than any song ever, “Incense & Peppermints” evokes the very essence of the 60’s, the Summer of Love, and the hippy/peace movement. It is an amazing piece and you should be bursting with pride with it, even at this date! The fact that you are still making music is evidence that you are true musicians with an intense love of your craft.

  10. john helfrich says:

    Back in the 60’s in the small town of Merced, Ca. at the Am. Legion Hall, a band called Thee Six Pence performed. They performed there several times, I believe. Then they disappeared, but some names looked familiar in a new band called The Strawberry Alarm Clock. The sound was “outa sight”. The rest is history. I now live in Arkansas. Would love to see you guys again. Any chance your headed this way? How is Ed Kings health? Hope he’s doin well. The man can shred!

  11. Pamela Hedge says:

    Hello I have heard all about your band by someone, who was very proud ,to have been a part of the band even though it was for a short time and before you recorded your first album. I am referring to Jim Hedge (JIMMY)! He is my Dad! I don’t like to say was because he passed away 01-01-09. He lived in Ventura,CA. Graduated Ventura High School 65′. He said that he sang for your band but quit right before you guys recorded your first album. His reason he quit was because he met and fell in love with my Mom. My question is are there any band members that are original from the very beginning, before you became someone so to say? He also said something about playing at the Troubadour? I’m not looking or asking for money or even recognition of his name as part of your band. Or to see if he was telling the truth. Like yeah right Dad you sang for them, OK. Because I already tell people that my Dad used to sing for Strawberry Alarm Clock before they became famous. Hope you don’t mind!! 🙂

  12. Circa 1967 I couldn’t believe Strawberry Alarm Clock was coming to Yuma. My friends and I went to the nightclub to hear them. It was great! I could hear the jazz influence in the songs that were played that night. The band didn’t even have their album out yet. SAC was the buzz among all the musicians in Yuma. We talked about that concert for months! I was around 14 years old at the time. Thanks for the great performance!!!

  13. Pamela Hedge says:

    You guys practiced in my Grandma’s basement on the corner of Foothill Road and Dos Camionos. My Dad Jim Hedge, sang for your band! Do you guys remember?

  14. Gene Cooper says:

    Dear SAC, I want to ask you: what’s with Gary Lovetro now? Have you forgotten him?

  15. Wasn’t there a SAC member named Gary? My husband knew him years ago What was his name?

  16. Tom Wright says:

    I was in the army with Roy Acosta at Ft. Campell, KY…can you tell me about him…is he still alive?

  17. Stefan Boales says:

    Back in the early 90’s I worked with a guy named Timothy Forkner who said he was a part of SAC as far back as the Goldtones, citing the songs Strike and Gutterball, and mentioned playing with you in concert at Disneyland. I got an album but he wasn’t on it, nor have I ever found him listed in any history I’ve come across. I was wondering if he was actually an early member of SAC or if he was just spinning a tale? Could anyone enlighten me on this?

  18. ANDY JACKSON says:

    I attended your concerts in 1967 at the ambassador theater at 18th and Columbia rd wash dc . Late I heard that a guitar you used got lost there with a sunburst front and the initials S A C on the face of this guitar . I am a historian trying to verify this story Please confirm or deny and is any photos of it still around ??? THANX


  19. I recall you making an appearance on Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In on their series debut show. IIRC, you were the only band to be featured as a musical guest for the entire program’s run. While your song played, the producers turned it into a montage like the Monkees had on their show, but with no plot to back, the images were just funny bits of the band doing funny things. One bit had one of you (I’m assuming it was one of your band) was on a small child’s tricycle and would bump into things and fall over. It was, to many people, hilarious and Laugh-In kept that gag going it’s entire run. Our family remembered that and, when Laugh-in ran the gag the next week, and every week thereafter, we referred to it as the Strawberry Alarm Clock.

    Sorry, I didn’t see any of your concerts, but my sister had every record you made.

  20. My 1st live music performance was a free S.A.C. set at Zuma Beach — must’ve been early on like 1967-8. Water cooler bragging rights!

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