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  1. JD Smith says:

    IS there ANYONE who can give me information on a TV movie the Alarm Clock were in, but which I have NEVER seen documented anywhere?? The movie was called ‘THE DREAM” and it starred Robert Stack as a artist who is going through a midlife crisis and who takes a journey into various clubs to find himself. In one of the clubs the Alarm Clock are performing “Lose To Live”. Again, I have not seen this documented at all. I even successfully contacted Robert Stack a few years ago and he replied that he had no way of knowing what happened to the film. I assume it was broadcast on NBC.

    • george bunnell says:

      Hi JD….
      We did do a TV movie with Robert Stack and Michael J Pollard.
      I thought it was called The Trip.
      Someone puts something in Robert Stack’s coffee as I remember.
      I do remember Michael J Pollard walking around the set (a night club) tapping drumsticks on everything.

  2. Steve Martinez says:

    Who designed the album cover art for the Wake up Album? Thanks for sharing your talents.

  3. george bunnell says:

    Gene Brownell did the photo for the back cover and the front was in house art department at UNI Records.

    We always thought they used Johnny Fairchild’s face from our first album as the model for the GURU. They also used our images from our first album cover and made them look animated.
    We all hated the album cover. We thought they should have used a real photo of us…there were plenty to choose from by that time.

  4. You know, I apperciate real electronic music produced by you guys. I love this band, and I am 14 years old, and I wish I was around in your generation. Great albums!

  5. Patricia says:

    There is something about the old man on the cover of Wake Up, It’s Tomorrow… I have decided to get it tattooed on my side. I’m 35 years old and came across this album while helping a disabled Vietnam veteran amputee organize his vinyl collection. His passion for his music is inspiring, and being an avid music lover myself I soaked up all of the music he played for me with a smile. The collection has at least 1,000 very well cared for vinyl albums ranging from the 20s to the 80s. I love the song Curse of the witches, and after discovering it’s awesomeness I shared it with a DJ friend of mine from San Diego who tours with the X-Games and Jagermeister. He wants to incorporate soundbites from the song into his mixes. It’s crazy how music inspires people in different ways. Either way, because of how the entire discovery of the album went down, and how it’s been passed on from there, the bearded man is forever in my soul. I would love to share my tattoo with you all once I get it. It’s sure to be epic.

  6. Cannot say says:

    Tripping on dmt to soft skies no lies caused me to break through for the first time. Beautiful song beutiful band and that’s coming from a young guy born in 1995 who grew up listening to rap! I love strawberry alarm clock

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