1. gregory battaglia says:

    Please try getting Universal, Collector’s Choice, Ace Records (U.K.), Sundazed or some label who cares about sound quality to finally issue
    on CD. The track list has all the hits; the Pretty Song absolutely is gorgeous. Please don’t refer me to MP3s; can’t touch CD sound quality. IF a CD release is truly impossible, please lease the entire track list to, or another site who sells high-def audio downloads (ie. 24 bit 48kHz, FLAC files or better). Trust me, anyone with seriously good home theatre or computer audio hardware (or Sennheiser HD650 headphones, or better) will be blown away by how good this technology reproduces recorded music. SAC’s best deserves nothing less.

    • george bunnell says:

      Hi Gregory…
      Sundazed Records has released our first album, Incense and Peppermints on CD ….re-mastered and quite well done….liner notes are questionable as well as who the song writers are.

    • Paul Daveluy says:

      The Big Beat (Ace Records UK) collection (Strawberries Mean Love) is pretty strong, other than missing a couple of songs from the compilation you referenced, and only one third of the Black Butter trilogy. Were you displeased with the sound quality on that CD? Sound wise, it blows the cheapie UNI comp out of the water. I recently wrote Sundazed regarding the possibility of a re-mastered edition of Wake Up…It’s Tomorrow following on the heels of their Incense and Peppermints CD. They told me that they are working on just that! Very good news, as that second LP is sooooo great!

  2. Hey, I would love to see (and purchase) some t shirts or something from you guys. I would definitely wear it if there was an official SAC t shirt!

  3. Add my voice to the chorus of those wanting S.A.C. t-shirts, and I would add to that AUTOGRAPHED CD booklets or CD covers!

  4. mark earle says:

    Hi George!Ever consider making a poster from then original “Incense” album cover?!This would be really neat as currently I am adorning my space at the rooming house with Beatle t-shirts and posters as well as the covers of my bveryb old L.P.’s.For a while,I had out up the cover of a very interesting compilation of SAC greats called “Strawberies Mean Love”.On import from England,of all curiously collectible things.

  5. Steve Browne says:

    The Japanese CD reissues of all the SAC LPs are fantastic and absolutely true to the originals. I have the vinyl LPs to compare and these CDs are a far higher quality than any of the USA compilations/reissues. Worth it if you can get your hands on them. All original artwork as well.

  6. Brian Elliott says:

    Where can I get a copy of the new CD? I don’t want to download Mp3s I want the actual CD. I’m not even sure what the title is.

  7. Hey guys you are great! Have you guys ever tried to have actual alarm clocks made with your logos and colors on them? That would be so cool!

  8. Terry Provance says:

    Got my first SAC LP back in Feb 68 (my 15th BD). A fan ever since! Several years ago the SAC catalogue was issued on “Uni” out of Japan. I got all four albums on CD back then. The sound quality was pretty good, but is it even better on the Sundazed re-issue of the first LP? Those Japan re-issues had an attempt at printing the lyrics on the insert, and their efforts were hilarious or disastrous, whichever you prefer to describe them. I would like to hear these albums in the best audio possible, so if I should put out the change for the Sundazed releases or any other, please let me know. Thanks much for all the great music and fun over the years.

  9. I discovered SAC searching for the monkees at my library (the CD was very misplaced). I only needed to hear the keys on incense and peppermints to be a fan. I bought a record player the day I found wake up… It’s tomorrow Lp (soft skies, no lies is my favorite song). Keep the albums coming I’ll keep buying them. I’ve also gotten a few people liking your music (just playing your music at work is all it takes). Don’t ever think only old people like your music, I’m 25.

  10. Lori Elwell says:

    Hey Guys,

    I can’t believe you still don’t have anything in your store. I have been waiting sooooo very long to spend my money here and from the posts above me, so have a lot of other people. Do you need some help here? Because I can do it if you can’t . Just make T-Shirts and tank tops for the girls of all the album covers. Ditto posters as well. Have Randy bring in some used sticks and have you all sign them. Get some group photos taken that you all sign too. Thats a good enough start. Now, one more thing, if I have to do this for you I’m going to have to get a percentage of the proceeds, so get off your butts and get busy! Love you guys all ways and keep up the good beat!

  11. Mick Cooper says:

    Is there any chance of getting the Chords to “The World’s on Fire?” from anyone? from anywhere? Please with thanks in advance.

  12. Brent Henderson says:

    Is the 2012 album Wake Up Where You Are, available on vinyl LP?

  13. Hi.
    Played on the same bill as you at Portland Fuzz Fest (the Fiends). I’d really like to get your new album (Wake Up Where You Are) either on CD or lossless download. Mp3s are just not good enough.
    Hope you’ll consider this as you deserve the best sound quality.

  14. thomas e dudley says:

    In 1981 i listened to a 60s flashback program at one point i turned the dial to a clasic rock station that was playing sweet home alabama but then turned it back to the oldies station it was at that moment i heard the dj say ha ha ha psychedelic and didnt knowbeing i was 13 at the time that that intro to incense and peppermints was the same guy in skynyrd that searing fuzz intro is the great ed king talk about counter clockwise after that i began the hunt for the album it would 3 years till i got a copy great band pioneers of goth rock. In 2008 i saw them at cavestomp with my girlfriend.awsome.

  15. David, thanks for the heads up. Not sure how I ovkrooleed All The Things or Gene’s credit on Pale Blue. What really bothers me is that I somehow forgot to include Lover On The freaking Bayou, which was the first Byrds song that made me say to myself, Hot damn. This is The Byrds?!?! Who the hell is this guitar player? Bad Lance.

    • Hello Greg,

      On the 2000 CD reissue of “Byrdmaniax,” which includes the song “Pale Blue,” both Roger McGuinn and Gene Parsons are listed as the songwriters. On the 2006 “There Is A Season” 4 CD (plus bonus DVD) box set, only McGuinn is listed as the songwriter. McGuinn may have had something to do with that.

      On “Lover Of The Bayou,” Clarence White is the guitarist you enquired about. McGuinn shared lead duties with him at the time.

  16. Any chance of new music in 2016, please, please, please? Loved every moment of “Wake up…” Seems I will never let my affinity for SAC go. Still an aging flower child wearing those wonderful Kurtas (almost exclusively these days).

    Happy New Year,

  17. greg battaglia says:

    Thanks George and Paul availability info. But I have a question regarding “The Pretty Song”, “Barefoot In Baltimore”, “Tomorrow”,”Birds In My Tree” and “Incense & Peppermints”. I’ve always wanted to know which engineer (s) recorded those tracks, and in which studio (s) did it happen. I know it was a long time ago, but
    perhaps you remember.

  18. Terry Provance says:

    Right before the holidays I purchased an LP from a collector/record shop in Sweden. It was “Your Navy Presents The Strawberry Alarm Clock with Dick Clark, M.C.” I was wondering if any of you could tell me about this recording. How many were pressed, was it sent to commercial radio stations or was it exclusively for Armed Forces Radio, any memories about how it was recorded? The talking parts sound scripted – did you guys write your responses or did Dick Clark, or was it spontaneous? Lots of questions. Appreciate any info on this rarity – never seen one before – could I have the surviving copy?

    • George Bunnell says:

      Hi Terry
      It was strictly an armed forces release. I can’t remember if it was scripted…there may have been a couple of takes….it was most likely edited though.
      I don’t have a copy!

  19. George, thank you for that information. If you would like a copy, I can burn a copy on CDR. I transferred it directly from the LP onto CDR so that I can preserve the LP. Plus any other members who do not have a copy and would like a digital copy I would be glad to provide. The LP is very quiet with no scratches so the transfer turned out nice. Let me know if you or any of the other members would like one.

  20. Sidney Pastor says:

    Do you remember when I loaned you my Rogers, Dynasonic Snare Drum for a concert with The Who in the early days?
    In true Who fashion you managed to break the drum and being a great sport you bought me another. Good man!

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