New Strawberry Alarm Clock CD is out

strawberry alarm clock CD 2012“Wake Up Where You Are,” the first new album from the Strawberry Alarm Clock in over 40 years, is now available.

The CD can be purchased via the “Wake Up Where You Are” product page (Global Recording Artists web site). Or via Amazon..

The album is a mix of new SAC songs and reinterpretations of their psychedelic rock classics. “Wake Up Where You Are” kicks off with the Strawberry Alarm Clock’s blistering cover of the Seeds’ “Mr. Farmer.” The album was produced by longtime Strawberry Alarm Clock collaborator Steve Bartek.

Ed King, the Strawberry Alarm Clock guitarist who went on to fame in Lynyrd Skynyrd, had this to say about the album: “The album is a labor of love. I wish I lived closer so I could take part. The guys play better than ever and the addition of Steve Bartek makes it now the way it should’ve been. I think his parents wouldn’t let him join the band! ‘Mr. Farmer’ is my favorite track. Mark Weitz NAILED it.”

The band — currently Mark Weitz, George Bunnell, Randy Seol, Howie Anderson and Gene Gunnels — will perform a rare L.A. concert on April 25 in support of the CD. The Strawberry Alarm Clock last performed publicly in November 2010.

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  1. I just ordered the new SAC album…can’t wait to hear it!

    btw, any chance of SAC playing in the NY area in support of the new album?


    • Listening to new SAC CD right now!!!!! Awesome job Guys! Great versions of the old songs! New Material very Strong! Please come to the East Coast! Peace.

  2. samantha says:

    Awesome music! East coast?? Please??? 😉

  3. Just got the new cd in the mail today, Great job guys! Hummin Happy has always been my favorite from you with Tomorrow a close second, The new version of Tomorrow is almost better than the first. Like the song Charlotte’s Remains as well. Again, well done guys, thanks soo much for making some new music available! Im only 29 and been a fan for many years now. Good stuff.

  4. Please East coast?

  5. mark earle says:

    Love the the new album samples and I really dig the the cover art.This would make a really neat poster.

  6. It’s so wonderful to know that you guys came together to make a new album! It’s a shame that young people my age don’t appreciate this kind of music. I’m sending out my love and best wishes to all of you.

  7. Robyn Rogala says:

    I have an hour commute to work and today was the most enjoyable morning drive I’ve had in a long time listening to the new Strawberry Alarm Clock CD that just arrived in the mail 🙂 The layered music and instruments, the funk, the flute, the electric sitar,the keyboards, the fuzzy guitar, the beautiful harmonies took me right back to my happy place growing up in the 60’s. Nothing like that around nowadays, thank you for a very groovy set of incredible music! I was 7 years old when “Incense and Pepperments” hit the airwaves. That song always reminds me of the care free, happy childhood days of growing up in the 60’s. I was telling that to my then husband back in 1985 when he informed me his cousin George Bunnell was in the band. I just couldn’t believe it and was fortunate to meet him in Las Vegas at a family wedding. Wonderful guy with such a sweet family. I have loved the band since then am and so grateful they keep the music going! PLEASE come on out to the East Coast!!!

    • george bunnell says:

      wow Robyn….so cool…and thanks for the kind words about my family….I am truly blessed there!

      • Robyn Rogala says:

        You’re welcome George! I’m so happy I got to meet your Dad. How is your Mom doing these days? We used to exchange Christmas cards, but I have lost her address! Please give her my best and I hope she is well and happy!

  8. Great to hear the new CD is out, got a copy and it really grooves! I am glad to see the band is active again, and looking forward to SAC playing in the Bay Area sometime. Looking forward to the next CD.

    • Glad you like it, Phil! And we also are looking forward to the next new musical project! Funny you should mention the Bay area. We were just talking recently how cool it would be to play the Fillmore or other cool venue in the Bay area!

      Thanks for supporting the Alarm Clock and thanks for stopping by our website and chiming it! Keep Groovin! Mark

  9. Got My copy of the new S.A.C. album today via AMAZON. All I can add to what has already been noted is: Wow, all the comments above hold true; track after track, I sit in awe of just how perfect this recording is! From the artwork and ironic title to the extended tunes that close the set, this is one sonic event not to be missed by anyone who favors great melodies and tight arrangements. HOW did you manage the vocal gymnastics, guys?!

    The liner notes comment on how it was ‘easier to do this at 18 than 60 something’ but I think you are not giving yourselves enough credit here. Seriously. Can’t wait for the all-new disc–and maybe a show somewhere north of LA, like San Fran or Portland? Bill from Oregon.

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