SAC in SD: Adams Street Fair video

The Strawberry Alarm Clock fired up the crowd at the Adams Street Fair in San Diego on Sept. 29. They were joined by go-go dancers and … a young Dick Clark?

Video: A ThomasEpicJourney production

View the San Diego show photo gallery and read about the show.


  1. R. Dixon, Sr. says:

    Because of my work as an ‘Over-The-Road’ truck driver, I don’t have much free time to attend a concert. I do like to keep up (as best as I can) with “my” groups (vs. the stuff that’s being produced today by the younger generation billed as “music”).

    Groups such as ‘The Association’ and ‘Three Dog Night’ sound just as great now (live) as they did 45 years ago. Despite the natural aging process of its band members, their voices have not suffered. “Strawberry Alarm Clock” sounds so beautiful on their 2012 Youtube posting (performing ‘Incense and Peppermints’); and they were not being assisted by wheelchairs/walkers, nor escorts onto the stage.

    My generation may be aging, but with the help of God our Creator, may these groups live on for many more years to come before retiring.

  2. Keith Bradley says:

    You guys still sound great! I`m 57 and I vividly remember “Incense & Peppermint” I grew up in Somerville NJ and lived on Orchard Street, grew up listening to WABC 77 am which played your music. Great sound guys!

  3. I am 71 and totally love and loved (60s) then. This band is unique and amazing. I would really love to see them play April in Marin at the Marin Earth Day Celebration and June for the 50th SF Summer of Love Celebration in June! Mariposa, flower child, activist for leading on Climate, environment challenge.

    • george bunnell says:

      Thanks Mariposa — We are talking to the folks regarding the 50th…..hope we can work that one out as well as the 50th of Monterey POP. We’ll have to look into the Marin Earth Day Celebration…thanks for the tip and the compliment! Cheers

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