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Strawberry Alarm Clock veteran Jimmy PitmanJimmy Pitman joined the Strawberry Alarm Clock for the recording of “Good Morning Starshine,” a star-crossed album in several respects.

“I engulfed myself in a bit of rock ‘n’ roll fame,” Pitman said today, using a most appropriate verb. He joined a famous band that was beset by legal and personnel problems — one that had just about run its course.

Pitman was best known as a member of the Nightcrawlers, a Florida band that had recorded the 1965 garage band classic “My Little Black Egg.” He joined the classic version of the Daytona Beach band just before it broke up.

Jimmy Pitman came to L.A. with the help of Murray Wilson, father of three of the Beach Boys. He brought to town a Southern twang and a love of the blues.

Hanging out on the Sunset Strip in its glory days, Pitman says, “I met and became friends with the likes of Clapton, Morrison, Hendrix, Buddy Miles, the boys from Iron Butterfly and many more.”

In Hollywood, he hooked up with his Florida pals Gregg and Duane Allman, jamming with their short-lived group the Hour Glass.

He joined the Strawberry Alarm Clock in 1969, after it had lost several key members.

Remaining SAC guitarist-bassist Ed King and keyboardist Mark Weitz both appreciated Pitman’s talents, if not the direction the band took as a result of his hiring.

“I considered Pitman to be a very strong songwriter, though his songs didn’t exactly fit our band’s reputation and style,” King has said.

Weitz recalls of Pitman: “He was a good guitarist and lead vocalist. I wrote with Jimmy and we worked well together as writers.

“We put a lot of faith in him (since) he was our lead vocalist. But his style steered us away from our psychedelic roots. We were losing our fan base. When (record label) Uni heard the new material we recorded, they turned cold on us.”

“Good Morning Starshine” and its singles failed to light up the charts. It proved to be the Strawberry Alarm Clock’s final album.

Pitman left in mid-1969, replaced by Paul Marshall (currently of I See Hawks in L.A.).

After his exit from the Strawberry Alarm Clock, Pitman continued with his bluesy musical sound as the frontman in Jumbo, a band signed to Lou Adler’s label. He also produced and promoted other rock acts.

Pitman has lived in Jacksonville, Fla., since the mid-90s, mostly keeping a low profile. He never stopped writing songs, though, and in 2007 he started Big Bad Wolf, which plays “originals and classics” for the Baby Boomer crowd. (Listen to three BBW tracks.)


  1. Shane Williams says:

    Hey Jimmy, do you monitor this site? I met you in the late ’70’s/early 80’s through Kenny Christian. How have you been? Have you heard from Ken lately?

  2. Larry Blackburn says:

    Jimmy, Dale Barber & I hung with you at Poppa Joe’s on King St In Jax back in the early 60s. You used to play guitar for everyone there. Saw you with the Nightcrawlers at Jax Beach doing a concert. Good to see you stayed strong with the music through all the bands you were with. Hope you get this & reply.

    • Jimmy Pitman says:

      Hello Larry…. got your post… 2 years later but I still got it. Thanks. I am doing very well in Jax.. retired but still rockin’ it hard. Hope you are well and I hope this gets to you … let me know. Jimmy

  3. Neil Hornick says:

    Hi Jimmy, this is Neil, the drummer for 3 Blocks West (Formerly Turning Point). You jammed with us a few times at BUMC. Miss ya brother. Come visit us at Beaches Chapel. Same nite and same time.

  4. Michael Rigby says:

    Hey Jimmy,
    Met you in the 80’s at Certified Blueprint. Did you ever publish that book Whitesnake?

    • Jimmy Pitman says:

      Hello Michael. Just got your post, a year late but I still gotit. As far as White Snake.. It is ready for publishing as we speak… no $$$$ however I have 1 book on the market now entitled “ARROWS” A simple guide for a successful yard sale….. It is doing fair.. any hoo ah yes Certifided.. miss it
      Stay well my friend . Jimmy

  5. Jenifer Rescola says:

    Hello Jimmy,

    Do you remember Duchesne, Utah with Terry Rescola? I’m Terry’s wife and I’ve written a book about his unusual life and he definitely remembers you. We have you in the book and I’m wondering how to contact you. Terry would love to re-hash old times with you and I would sure like to meet you someday.

    Have a great day!

    Jenifer Rescola

    • Jimmy Pitman says:

      HI jEN, JUST GOT YOUR MESSAGE.. A YEAR LATE BUT i JUST READ IT SOOOOOOOO i AM DROPPING YOU A NOTE. hOWTIES TO tERRY. I remember him well. tell me about your book .PS I love Duchesne.

  6. Kim Starosta Blackwell says:

    Jimmy… Were you in the army in 1970 (Fort Lewis Washington) and if so, do you remember a guy by the name of Terry Starosta? If so, he was my dad. I know he was the Best Man for someone from Strawberry Alarm Clock and I’ve always wondered who it was. Let me know!

  7. Ed Young says:

    Hi Jimmy. I’m your first cousin Eddy. I live in Simpsonville, SC. We met once when I was a kid at Grandmother Freeland house in Greenville. Hope you’re doing fine.
    It was sad to hear about Aunt Joannes passing years ago. Mom (Mary Freeman Young) passed in 2013.
    Great to see you’re still around.
    Take care.
    – Ed Young

  8. Martha Welch says:

    Does anyone call you But h any more? I’m one of your long lost first cousins from SC. My name is Martha You g Welch. I’m one of a set of identical twins born to your Aunt Mary Freeman Young. Would love to catch up sometime. I live in SimpsonvilleSC. I’m on Facebook if you are. Martha Young Welch.

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